See Things Differently

The first part of a two part poster series promoting a new hypothetical exhibtion at the National Gallery of Victoria. This exhibition revolves around the idea of new perspectives and works of art that would evoke a new way of looking at things. Incorporating three dimensional objects and sculptures, its an exhibition intended to make you take a second look. Within the poster, geometric shapes were made from paper and cheese and painted to take on the appearance of pieces of art. They were then arranged to become a sculptural piece. The photo was then rotated in order to create the illusion that the shapes were now hanging from the top of the photo. Viewers are to feel inclined to take a second look at the arrangement of the photo, as they are intrigued as to how these shapes are hanging seemingly from the top of the photo. Then upon closer inspection the viewer realises what the shapes are actually made of, and sees something edible being portrayed as art. This alluded to the idea of the exhibition, to link up with the tag line ‘See things differently’ the poster is to engage the viewer to take a second, possibly third, look into what they are actually seeing.